Why does the mainstream media not help in promoting our freedoms?

Trying not to be so blunt but, holy shit.  My heart seriously just dropped through my stomach as I was reading all of this to be perfectly honest.  In retrospect, it’s all a bit surreal.

The following article embedded was from an anonymous member of the current liberal party who is allegedly whistle-blowing, and this anonymous person is sending out the most  terrifying & dire warning I’ve ever seen in my life, hands down. In my opinion, I don’t really even think we should  wait and see if this is true or not; We need to do something, and quickly if there is even a chance  of this being true.

This is all just completely – – wild.  And would all be completely life altering and shattering for every single Canadian. Unfortunately, there is a lot of supporting evidence pointing at these claims being true.

First we will take a look at the predicted events in the whistleblower’s letter that have already happened, or have been confirmed with solid evidence. Then we will go over the predicted events in these coming months, including the original letter, and a calendar so you can follow along!

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