Who is financing the Facebook fact checkers?

Author: thesearethefacts.net

Facebook is without a doubt the biggest social media platform. The name is heavily associated with a lot of lawsuits on privacy violations and countless psychological studies that aim to showcase the negative implications it has in our lives.

In the words of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s mission is to help people stay connected and bring us closer together with the people that matter to us. But is that really true or is Facebook just a massive surveillance and programming machine?

As more and more people are looking for alternative platforms , in order to inform themselves and discuss about COVID, vaccination or government restrictions, big pharmaceutical companies are also shifting their energy towards the digital realm.

Given the amount of pressure from many governments, on the topic of fake news, Facebook introduced an independent third-party fact-checking program which sadly is just a smokescreen.

While the third-party organization that is conducting the fact checking on Facebook, each time you post anything related to COVID 19,  has disclosed its funding sources(https://www.factcheck.org/our-funding/), it ‘omitted’ to state that one of its donors, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, holds more than $2 billion in Johnson & Johnson stock.

We ask you, the reader, is this a coincidence? Can fact checking truly be independent on Facebook when more than $2 billion are at stake in Johnson & Johnson stock?

If there is one frightening thing that this pandemic has truly showcased is that when given too much power, public or private entities will do everything it takes to abuse it, even if that means violating the most basic human rights.

How did we get in the position where Facebook has complete control over our data and freedom of speech? Mark Zuckerberg explained accidentally in a chat log: https://www.esquire.com/uk/latest-news/a19490586/mark-zuckerberg-called-people-who-handed-over-their-data-dumb-f/

The only way to stop Facebook and other defective by design products is to not use them anymore. 

We therefore ask you, our reader, to question everything. If we continue to be passive and use their products, the universe that George Orwell imagined will be just around the corner.

Aim to use alternatives that respect your privacy and freedom. 

Justin Trudeau is a socialist who desires to be a socialist dictator. The worst thing you can think that will hurt future generations is “This won’t happen here” it is happening here as Trudeau and his cabinet are trying to restrict your free speech.

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