The Trudeau regime is trying to make parts of the Emergencies Act permanent. One by one, they’re erasing the rights of Canadians and building a police state. Here is how you can protect your crypto.


Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland: “The names of both individuals and entities as well as crypto wallets have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions and accounts have been frozen and more accounts will be frozen.”

Justin Trudeau is without a doubt transforming Canada day by day into a police. He has complete control on how you can spend your hard earned money. The only way to overcome this is to stop using the traditional banking system.

Start learning about cryptocurrencies. In the upcoming weeks we will have a seminar teaching you everything you need to know about using and storing cryptocurrencies securely.

This technology is ground breaking. It provides a censorship free alternative for moving value. Governments won’t be able to control or freeze your assets, if this technology is used correctly.

Don’t fall for what the government is saying. Decentralised cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can’t be frozen. The only thing that the government can freeze are centralised places where people trade crypto.

If you are buying cryptocurrencies through a centralised exchange, withdraw your coins to your own wallet as fast as possible.

Move to peer to peer buying/selling solutions like:

Jesse Powel(Kraken CEO – cryptocurrencies exchange) explains this very clear:

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