The Trudeau government bought $6.7 million worth of frivolous items with taxpayers’ money

Flashlights that cost $85? Pens that cost $78? Olive oil that $66? These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Trudeau government’s wasteful spending.

According toiPolitics, documents recently tabled at the Parliament revealed the extent of wasteful “promotional spending” under the Trudeau government. In sum, agencies, crown corporations, and departments spent a whopping $6.7 million between a span of two years.

Branded promotional material such as pens, T-shirts, and mugs took the biggest slice of the pie. These goodies were handed at conferences, job fairs, and public events. The spending also included promotional material for the military, sciences, and space exploration along with gifts to public service employees such as iPads.

While this would be acceptable if these items weren’t excessively overpriced at the cost of the Canadian taxpayer, Trudeau and his crew could apparently do not care. Farm Credit Canada (FCC) purchased 160 pens at a cost of $78 per pen. Thats a whopping total of $12,555 for just pens. They even purchased flashlights worth $85 each, and hats worth $30 each. In total, FCC spent a mammoth $1.6 million on promo items.

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