The Range in Langley BC donates to the Truckers Freedom Rally 2022 ?

Statement on Freedom Convoy 2022 Donation

Since our founding in 2015, The Range Langley has humbly donated to many charities, particularly those supporting the brave Souls facing danger while protecting and upholding the Rights and Freedoms of all Canadians. Most of these charities include fallen military and law enforcement as well as their sick and dying family members. Giving to them hits very close to home for us. This is who we are; owned and operated by active and retired Canadian military and law enforcement. 

We are profoundly grateful to give something back to those that sacrificed everything for us.

We believe the core values of our organization are shared by almost all Canadians, above all; the Sovereign Rights and Freedoms of the Individual. We employ and welcome brothers and sisters of all races, religious beliefs, genders, sexual preference and personal medical decisions without discrimination. We believe unity is our strength. We do not support those that promote hate, violence, lies or those that wish to damage and divide our families, faith systems, businesses, communities or our country. 

We will never abandon these values.

Our donation to the Freedom Convoy 2022 is our way of peacefully participating in democracy. For whatever reason, some may disagree with our beliefs and support for this cause. That is their Right. We will always defend the Rights of those that disagree with us and encourage them to build on their own beliefs rather than allowing them to destroy ours. Conversely, we warn all Canadians to be aware of anyone that accuses their dissenters as being “dangerous” and use such labels as justification to take their Right to peaceful protest away. Freedom is not a gift from the government nor is it mutually exclusive from practicing good science. Freedom is our birthright that we all must work to maintain.

We patriotically defend the Rights of the Individual.

We peacefully promote Freedom over fear.

We proudly support our Truckers.



The Range Langley

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