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My teen Son had been so scared of the chance of getting Covid he wanted to get the vaccine so badly. My Wife and I gave in after much debate and have now regretted the decision. Within a day of his shot he started feeling poor with shortness of breath and irregular heart issues. We took him to the hospital where they refused to make a link to the vaccine. He did come home and has still felt tired and fatigued. We are still in the process of trying to figure out how to deal with these continued issues. I suggest parents hold firm and don’t let your kids get the vaccine.

Adon G. – Calgary

My brother had cardio vascular problems ten days after first shot, his symptoms were shortness of breath, pain in the chest and dizziness. Stayed in hospital 4 days with 6 stent surgery done . Had an infarctus 20 years ago but DO NOT RELATE THIS INCIDENCE TO THE VACCINE

Suzie Brouillet – Magog

My 18 year old son got the J&Jvaccine on April 5th in AZ.
Was hospitalizated in Tucson on the 11th but they didn’t look for clots. Came back to Canada and was hospitalized for bilateral pulmonary embolisms.
One week later. I was in the hospital after the Pfizer vaccine on May 3rd with a 2.5 ft dvt in my leg and groin. Plus pulmonary embolisms in my right lung.

Edit. 18 year old J&J April 5th in Tucson, Az
First hospitalization in Tucson April 11th diagnosed with mono. No mention of the vaccine.

My vaccine May 3rd Pfizer. Saskatchewan

First diagnosed blood clot was my son May 20th. RUH
First diagnosed blood clot for me May 26th. At St Paul’s

I had no WAY of knowing I had harmed him or myself. Until 3 weeks after my shot.

Leigh-Ann – Saskatoon

Ran 38 years – soon to be mandated to take Covid vaccine.

Winston Meikle –  Teaneck, NJ, USA

I, my husband, and 14 yr old son all received Pfizer in May-June. Both my husband and I had a little bit of a stiff upper arm for a day, but our son didn’t even have that side effect. He had NONE!

Rohina – Victoria, British Columbia

My cousin who has asthma, took the vaccine and died the next day.

Angelica – Surrey