So how much $ will the drug companies earn from every booster shot. Hmmmm!


The drug dealers?/manufacturers? create an in effective product that falls far below any efficacy prediction and has an enormous amount of negative adverse reactions (including death) and now the government is still buying their lies and accepts boosters for all! All for a virus that’s actually hard to get and and much less likely to die from.


Coronavirus infections broke records in parts of Europe on Wednesday, with the continent once again the epicentre of a pandemic that has prompted new curbs on movement and made health experts think
again about booster vaccination shots.

Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Hungary all reported new highs in daily infections as winter grips Europe and people gather indoors in the run-up to Christmas, providing a perfect breeding ground for COVID-19.

New cases have jumped 23% in the Americas in the last week, mostly in North America, in a sign that region might also face a resurgence of infections.

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Current COVID 19 statistics in Canada.

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