Memo shows Trudeau knew Nova Scotia gunman used smuggled guns

On May 1, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went before Canadians and spoke of the tragedy of the mass shooting in Nova Scotia and promised to act on it.

That day he announced that he was banning 1,500 different rifles and their variants as part of a public safety campaign related to that very shooting.

I knew at the time he was lying in making that link and now we have the proof, a briefing note presented to Trudeau just days earlier that told him all the guns used by Gabriel Wortman were illegally obtained.

As first reported by Ryan Tumilty in National Post, Trudeau was briefed on the mass murder of 22 people in Nova Scotia on April 24 with details the RCMP have still not made public. Wortman, a man with a troubled past, who was active in drug and cigarette smuggling, had used three guns smuggled in from the United States and one obtained illegally in Canada.

Still, Trudeau told us on May 1 that his gun control measures were about stopping such events.

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