‘Increase risk of cancer’: Health Canada recalls more hand sanitizers


When are Canadians going to wake up and stop blindly following our Governments when they approve products with little or no testing? You only have to look back at the past two years to see the emergency approval of the Covid vaccines has resulted in unnecessary adverse medical reactions that could have been avoided if the proposer testing time had been insisted upon. These hand sanitizers are another example of Egregious mismanagement from a government body trying to solve an issue that mostly effected seniors. The inability to think critically and focus on the most vulnerable part of our society resulted in blanket lockdowns for all citizens.


Canada’s health agency has added three more hand sanitizer products to its growing list of 48 recalled items which began in the spring of 2021.

Health Canada has recalled the following products: Alcohol Antiseptic 80 per cent (v/v) Topical Solution Hand Sanitizer and Fighting Spirit sanitizer due to possible health risks resulting from “undeclared” elevated levels of acetaldehyde. Both were sold by The Newfoundland Distillery Company.

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