Gym FORCING its members to wear masks while exercising — violating provincial, regional rules

Like so many other Canadians, Tanya Demas has been laid off due to the Wuhan virus pandemic.

A resident of Waterloo, Ontario, Tanya decided to make use of her free time by improving her lifestyle. She hit the gym and tried to take her mind off of our hectic “new normal.”

Alas, Tanya was shocked to discover that her gym in Waterloo, Crunch Fitness, has a mandatory mask policy. They even want people to wear their masks while exercising!

Tanya wasn’t happy about this, believing masks do more harm than good when used on the gym floor. Tanya says that when doing cardiovascular exercises or pumping iron, she wants to be able to breathe freely and properly. Makes sense, right?

What’s more, the mandatory mask rule at Crunch Fitness goes over and above the Region of Waterloo’s bylaw (which does NOT require persons engaged in exercising to don a mask).

In fact, it almost seems as if Crunch Fitness is virtue-signalling by mandating a rule that the city itself isn’t requiring gyms to implement.

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