Dr. Bonnie Henry lying about COVID-19 vaccines being “safe” Norman Grant-Smith doesn’t think so. Many Canadians agree with him!

To: The BC College of Physicians and Surgeons

FAX TO604-733-3503    

October 1, 2021

From: Complainant Name(Person):

Norman Grant Smith

508-10 Renaissance Square

New Westminster, BC, V3M 7B1

Phone: 778-202-0298


Registrant MSP 04679

Dr. Bonnie Henry

Provincial Health Officer 

4th Floor – 1515 Blanshard St.

PO Box 9648


Victoria, BC, V8W 9P4

My name is Norman Grant Smith. I am a Canadian born citizen, and a resident of BC. 

This Concern is being filed as a private citizen acting on my own behalf, and in the public interest.  

Relevant Authority: The BCCPS Practice Standards apply to: “all physicians and surgeons who practise medicine in British Columbia.”    There are no exceptions to this policy specified within the Practice Standards . 

Complaint Summary:

Apparent (Prima Facie) Failure to Comply with The Practice Standards of The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia as follows: 

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