Canadian Exodus – The Justin Trudeau Factor

Picture yourself growing up in Canada singing the National Anthem with words like (The True North Strong and Free) or you came to Canada for a better life and immediately appreciated the freedom! Then picture yourself back in 2015 watching yet another Federal election and thinking to yourself,  whoever wins it’s still a free country that’s better than most ( Justin Trudeau wins his first mandate). Trudeau and his party start spending money and put the country into a tougher than usual financial spot but you say to yourself “I still live in a free country that’s better than most”.

Then comes Covid-19 and you see governments around the world start to react in various ways with lockdowns and mandates but you live in Canada it’s a democracy so you’re not concerned. Then Justin Trudeau and his Liberals called a six hundred million dollar election in the middle of a pandemic with reportedly 60-75% of Canadians disagreeing with this but he did it anyway. Fast forward Trudeau and his Liberals receive fewer than 35% of the votes but they win the election.

Lockdowns and tight mandates gain momentum but they last much longer than anticipated but still you’re grateful for living in a free country. Fast forward to 2022 and the mandates are still going and people are getting concerned about continued government intrusion and the unscientific continuation of the Covid-19 mandated vaccines. People are losing their jobs for refusing to get jabbed with an experimental substance, families are split apart, business is closing and suffering and things are getting much more intense. It’s a difficult time and people are feeling emotional and concerned but you still live in a somewhat free country. 

Then the Truckers start to protest across the country and citizens join them in protesting these mandates and lockdowns. Then something happens and the country changes forever. Justin Trudeau enacts what he calls “The Emergencies Act ” (without Senate approval)  which is basically the War Measures Act and he starts to disrespect Citizens with name calling, unlawful arrests as he unleashes the full weight of law enforcement on the protesters and their supporters. Him and Chrystia Freeland freeze bank accounts of those who donated as little as $50, they arrest people for simply taking part in lawful, peaceful protests. Leaders around the world are incensed at Trudeu’s actions and speak out against him. Now you say to yourself “I now live in a Dictatorship and I think our Country has changed forever. You and many Canadians have decided Canada is no longer the free country it once was and it’s time to move on. 

Given the removal of democracy from Canada there are singles, couples and families leaving Canada for what they deem to be countries with more democratic values and opportunities. Many people are looking to certain U.S States and (other countries a little further and more tropical) While looking on FaceBook I came across just such a couple who packed up and moved to Costa Rica.

Meet Mark Savoia and his Wife.  They are a typical Canadian couple who most likely thought like most Canadians, we will retire and live a good life in Canada. When they decided to move to Costa Rica it was a huge decision for them both as there is family and friends being left behind.They had the perfect life built in Mono Ontario. A custom built dream home on 20 acres that Mark built where they planned to retire, they had sports cars, trucks and SUV’s  that were just purchased, both of them were at the peak of their booming careers and they were travelling every 3 months to their favourite destinations. They realised the move to freedom and a better life was more important than anything else. Like many successful people a realisation comes that all the comforts and success at home mean nothing if your freedom is being talked.

Mark and his Wife moved to Costa Rica in April 2021. They had been travelling to Costa Rica for the past 10 years and loved the people, the affordability and the country as a whole. Mark, a custom home builder with 23 years of experience in Canada and his wife, a licensed Realtor of 19 years in Canada, made the plunge. 

“We left Canada for the same reason why so many other Canadians are leaving today, Covid was the push, the lockdowns, the restrictions and the tyranny from the Canadian Government was enough for us to make the decision to leave”

Mark Savoia

Today, they speak to Canadians daily who are leaving for the same reason. They are tired, they are depressed and they want their freedom back. They just want to live their life, be able to make their own choices and not be told what to do. More and more Canadians are realising the Canada we all once loved is not the same Canada today and will never be the Canada we remember.

We asked Mark just who is it that you are seeing leave Canada for Costa Rica?

 “We are seeing a variety of families of all ages, couples, singles and retirees coming to Costa Rica for a better life” 

Mark Savoia

Mark is currently working for Osa Tropical Properties in Ojochal which is located 20 minutes from Uvita. He’s selling real estate here and also building homes. Osa Tropical Properties is owned by a fellow Canadian, Kevin Champlain who has been in Costa Rica for 25 years and has raised his family there. Mark and his Wife are located in the south part of Costa Rica approximately 2.5 hours from the Panama Border.

“This area is full of Canadians and like minded expats and we have created our own little community which is growing by day”

Mark Savoia

Mark is happy to talk to anyone via phone, find him on FaceBook or his link at Osa Tropical Properties considering a move to Costa Rica and has a no obligation policy – just reach out to him and have a conversation.

This article is written with a heavy heart as most of us would understand what Canada has meant to Canadians. Canada has always been considered a great democratic country that people around the world aspire to. With the cost of living soaring, the government illegally peering into and seizing bank accounts, unrealistic and long lasting Covid-19 restrictions, and a Prime Minister and his Liberal party very obviously trying to change Canada into something nobody thought would happen. There are few statistics on the numbers exiting Canada but in our research we found many people selling their homes and taking their money elsewhere. Our hope is our Country can get  back to where it once was but in the meantime keep fighting for freedom!

R. Davis
These Are The Facts!

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