Canada funds real estate for foreign royalty


It’s very probable that when disgusting/corrupt leaders like Justin Trudeau give away our money for the sole purpose of feeding their need to be recognized as world class humanitarians that they know the intended recipients who do need the money will only see a fraction of it. The majority of it goes to their friends or potential future friends in royalty. It’s very likely this money (our money) buys favouritism or future wealth for leaders like Justin Trudeau! How despicable and dishonest does one have to be to allow this to happen? How uncaring of Canadians must a leader be to steal from their own people for their own gain? We need real conservative values brought back to Canada!


For the past six years, Cultural Action Party has worked to expose a great economic injustice in Canada– foreign aid to “developing nations.”

It is not that the concept is bad. A reasonable amount of Canadian money sent to the poor and needy is an act of virtue. On a moral level, this is righteous behaviour. And yet, under-the-table developments indicate Canadians must become aware of the true circumstances.

A review of the nearly $1 billion in foreign aid  Canada quietly spent in Afghanistan has “found some successes– but also many failures — especially when it comes to helping women and girls.”

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